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JIS analysis is a company specializing in engineering analysis and engineering consultancy. JIS
is combination of two engineer’s name “Jasmy” and “Iswardy”. It was formed in 2007.
The company serve client especially in Oil and Gas Petrochemicals Power such as Petronas
Carigali (PCSB), Sime Darby Engineering (SDE), Murphy Sarawak Oil, Shell and other involved
in fabricated design. Nevertheless JIS is also expanding to serve client in specialized item. The
analysis in the form of calculation, designing, base on client project specification help client to
rectify in advance engineering problem and show perfection in all aspect of a project design,
thus help to minimize material wastage, time usage that lead to cost effectiveness and plant
JIS Analysis offers an innovative solution of engineering analysis as mention in their scope of
work. To perform a perfect analysis, coordination from engineers of different discipline must
need and that what JIS Analysis is made up off. We definitely are confident that it would be
more economical for our client to apart us to do the job rather than set up in-house
engineering department to handle this task.
We are proud to announce that JIS Analysis is the first company that provides the specialized
services in the local market.

JIS’s Analysis staff is highly qualified, capable, motivated, committed and experienced users of
the specialized software packages use to generate and analyze pipe systems. We are capable
to design a complex piping system that enables us to offer practical solutions to problems.
JIS’s Analysis offers reliable and flexible services to large international engineering contractors,
operating companies as well as small and medium sized engineering companies alike. We
provide efficient, cost effective, optimized and innovative design solutions while maintaining
engineering productivity and quality to meet project requirements and the needs of our clients.
JIS offer an innovative solution of design and engineering analysis including:
A. Analysis Section
1. Bolted Flange Design and Flange Leakage Analysis.
2. Piping Flexibility and Stress Analysis.
3. Finite Element Analysis
4. Transient Analysis and Water Hammer Analysis.
5. Sprinkler and Spray Analysis.
6. Structural and Lifting Analysis

B. Mechanical & Piping Section
1. Piping Layout Studies
2. Detail Piping Isometrics.
3. Detail Pipe Supports.
4. Pipe Support Location.
5. Piping Materials Take-Off
6. Material handling studies.
7. Mechanical Studies & Reports.
8. Equipment Sizing & Calculations.
9. Equipment Specification and datasheets.
10. Equipments List.
11. Pressure Vessel sizing.
12. Rotating equipment sizing and calculation.
13. Equipment layout.
14. HVAC Studies.
15. PDMS 3D Modeling.
16. Dia-Inch , Surface Area and Weight Calculation of piping system.

C. Instrument Section
1. Sizing calculation and datasheets for Flow elements and Control.
2. Instrument Location Plan
3. Control Room layout drawing
4. Panel/Cabinet Drawing
5. Instrument Hook-up/Impulse line drawings
6. Junction Box and Cable Routing Layout
7. Junction Box Termination and Wiring diagram
8. Cause and Effect Matrices (C&E).
9. Logic Diagrams
10. Loop Diagrams
D. Electrical Section
1. Specification and Datasheet for Electrical Items.
2. Equipment sizing and calculation for cable, AC&DC UPS, Lighting Illumination Level and
Equipment heat loss.
3. Single Line Diagram
4. Hazardous Area Classification
5. Electrical Indexes / Schedule
6. Electrical Layout Drawings
7. Motor & Non-Motor Control Schematic Drawings
8. Main & Emergency Generator Control Schematic Drawings
9. Lighting Block Diagrams
10. Wiring & Interconnection Diagrams
11. HV/LV Switchgear Schematics

Skill and Expertise
JIS Analysis has a team of qualified engineers of different discipline required to coordinate
the work covering the work scope. They are qualified and experience in operating the latest,
recognize and approved engineering software such as below:
Design Software
• PDMS (Plant Design Management System)
Analysis Software
• PIPENET VISION (Standard, Transient and Sprinkler Module)
We have fully equipped operation office with facilities required to implement our services.
Financial Strength
Up to date we have not taken any facilities from any financial institution or private financial
assistant as our business had been reworded on progress basis. All assets in a form of
software, office, facilities and other equipment are purchased on cash basis.
We are able to except contract at minimum of few thousand and maximum of millions as
long as the contract is viable to our calculation.

Managing Director
Jasmy has over 10 years experience in engineering field onshore and offshore scope specializing in
analysis, detail design and Project Management and worked for multi-nationals and local oil & gas
fabricator such as Penang Shipbuilding Sdn Bhd, Ramunia Fabricator Sdn Bhd, Malaysia Marine Heavy
Industry (MMHE) and Kencana Petroleum Berhad. Experience in bid pricing, cost estimation, hazop, detail
design and reviewing contract as per project requirement. As a Managing Director for JIS Analysis, Jasmy
is responsible for overseeing daily business development, leading finance activities and project cash flow of
all projects undertaken by the company.
Technical Director
A graduate Degree holder in Chemical Engineering from University Technology of Malaysia. Begin a career
with Kencana Petroleum Berhad as Mechanical/Piping Engineer. Iswardy is capable in doing various type of
analysis with various engineering discipline and design of complex oil & gas system with vast experience
over 10 year. As a Technical Director for JIS Analysis, Iswardy responsible for overseeing daily project
progress and expand JIS Analysis capability with latest research and engineering technology for the
Commercial Director
Began his carrier at Seagrott & Campbell Sdn Bhd in the 1987. Then absorbed to Kaff Seagroff in the year
1991 as a Corporate Dealer, dealing with arbitraging, which he was responsible for acquiring shares in Singapore
at a given price and selling it back in Malaysia at the same price. He was also dealt with conglomerates
and corporations such as LTAT and PNB. After a period of 2 years, he then became a remisier at Jupiter
Securities Sdn Bhd and handles over 400 retail client in advising them in buying and selling of shares.
En Halim then moved to RHB Securities Sdn Bhd in the year 1997 also a remisier and maintained accounts
with existing and new retal clients. He was offered a position in Arcdale Engineering Sdn Bhd as an Executive
Director and successfully managed projects such as Yayasan Tun Razak, TNB Kg Limau and Hospital
Besar Kangar. As a Commericial Director for JIS Analysis, Halim is responsible in oversees the potential
and acquire new project for the company and also leading business strategy.
Electrical Section Head
Has been working and experience about 10 years in Oil & Gas Industry especially in fabrication and detail
design for oil & gas offshore facilities i.e. drilling/production/process/living quarters in accordance to
Petronas/Shell/Murphy /CTOC requirements. A graduate in Electrical Engineering from University
Technology of Malaysia. As an Electrical Section Head for JIS Analysis, Khalil is responsible of delegate and
supervise work load to all engineers, designers and all ongoing project status involved Electrical section.

Mechanical Section Head
Sixteen (16) years of extensive experience in the field of mechanical engineering, fabrication, construction
and commissioning. This includes basic & detailed engineering design, test pack/system pack preparation
(pressure test & sensitive leak test), work packs & job cards, bidding and estimates, supervision and
inspection of oil & gas, petrochemicals, power generation, desalination units and slug-catchers among
others. Familiar with Codes and Standards, i.e. American Petroleum Institute (API), Petronas Technical
Standard (PTS), Shell’s Design Engineering Practice (DEP), Esso’s General Specification (GS), American
National Standard Institute (ANSI) and American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME). As a Mechanical
Section Head for JIS Analysis, Jonathan is responsible to monitor the mechanical section and prepare
requisitions and data sheets to the new equipments required to the project.
Piping Section Head
Have ten years experiences in the Oil and Gas and Petrochemical plant. Familiar with ANSI, ASME, WPS,
Pipe Stress ,API, B 31.3, B31.4, B31.8 and Client code such as PTS, GS, DEP and SES. Responsible as a
team leader for Piping design team and monitor all engineering activities such as produce isometric
drawings, pipe support detail, coordinate an interface with other discipline.
Structural Section Head
Responsible of preparing detail design, material take off, purchase of material and calculation of structure
and equipment supports for Oil & Gas various structure. And also prepare and do lifting analysis,
procedures and assembly sequence for the erection of the structure, preparing of In-place Design report,
Weighing Report, Weight Control and Load out Procedure, bidding estimates and study & prepare
transportation procedures as well as weight control report is also part of Structural Engineer responsibility.
All the design of structure is based on the prevailing code such as API, AISC, ASTM and other client
Instrument Section Head
Have 10 years working experience in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Plants. Experience includes engineering
package development Instrumentation design. Performed engineering tasks such as preparing
specifications, datasheets, reports, sizing calculations and other documentations related for the project.
Experience with the preparation of the instrumentation detail design drawings and other instrument
deliverable. As an Instrument Section Head for JIS Analysis, Sarwady is responsible to oversee and monitor

The Contract that we had manages to successfully perform and completed are:
Completed Project:
1) Angsi-D : Integrated Bleed Ring - Finite Element Analysis (FEA) & Stress Analysis.
( End User: Petronas Carigali )
2) MOQ: Transient/Stress analysis for Hydrocy-clone Packages.
( End User: Maersk)
3) J4 : Integrated Bleed Ring - Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Stress Analysis.
( End User: Petronas Carigali )
4) J4 : Stress analysis for Compact Manifold piping system .
( End User: Petronas Carigali)
5) GOPA and GOPB : Stress analysis/Transient for GRE piping system.
( End User: Murphy Sarawak Oil)
7) CTOC Flowlines Modification: Stress analysis for Flowlines Changes.
( End User: Carigali Triton Operating Company)
8) Gebeng City Gate Station: Stress & Transient for Metering Skid.
( End User: Petronas Gas)
9) Puteri Project: Stress & Transient for Relocating Crude Trans. Pump.
(End User: Petronas Carigali)
10) Puteri Project Stress Analysis Re-routing due to HP Pumps.
(End User: Petronas Carigali)

11) Piping Flexibility Analysis for Sinjhoro Sales Gas Metering skid.
(End User: Oil & Gas Development Company Ltd, Islamabad)
12) Piping Flexibility Analysis for Rerouting Flowlines BAJT-H Platform
(End User: Petronas Carigali)
13) Puteri Project : Piping Flexibility Analysis for Crude Metering Skid.
(End User: Petronas Carigali)
In-progress Project:
1) F9JT-A & MLDP-A WH Platform: Piping Isometric, PS Detail, Stress & Transient analysis.
(End User: Petronas Carigali)
2) MLDP-A& LHDP-A WH Platform: Piping Isometric, PS Detail, Stress & Transient analysis.
(End User: Petronas Carigali)
3) KAK-G (CPP): Piping Isometric, PS Detail, Stress & Transient Analysis.
(End User: Petronas Carigali)
4) Angsi ANDP-D Compact Manifold: Structural and Stress analysis.
(End User: Petronas Carigali)
5) Dulang-B LP Gas Comp. Glycol Contactor: Structural and Lifting analysis.
(End User: Petronas Carigali)
10) TBDR-A : Piping Isometric and PS Detail Review and Verification.
( End User: Petronas Carigali)
11) KNJT-C : Piping Isometric and PS Detail Review and Verification.
( End User: Petronas Carigali)

In the past all the job that was awarded to us were based on negotiation. The client will
provide us with necessary data for us to perform the required services and our calculation of
payment for our services will be done by us and total sum including all the work scope required
by the client in one full package.
We are looking forward to any other proposal from client into other possible and viable term of
business corporation.
In the past contracts and jobs are awarded to us on negotiation term. We look forward to
proposals from client if they are keen to work with us on their term, e.g. appointing us on their
panel or appointing us as “in house” analysis contractor.
Our Vision
We have already achieve our first vision of incorporating the first company in Malaysia
commercializing on expand, explore, research, development and knowledge in this services. We
have also manage to contribute to our country by providing work opportunity to young
engineers and giving training to the knowledge of using complex new technologies software
that is not yet available in local university.
Our next vision is to be a company that will bring pride to the country from our integrity,
intelligent, competitive, reliable, trusted and acknowledge by international organization.

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